We have free placemats for all of the letters. Print one to take to dinner at a restaurant or keep your kids entertained while you cook. Can you help the alligator find his way out of the maze?

Parents or teachers can help students read through the word problem. It helps students to draw it out!



November is here!  Celebrate Thanksgiving with these fun printable Thanksgiving worksheets


Our haunted house activities will keep you busy this Halloween!

Make your house super spooky! Decorate a haunted house coloring page using crayons, markers, buttons and pompons. Create a display using your coloring pages and real pumpkins or gourds. 


Practice your cutting skills and have fun with printable puzzles. 


These coloring pages and worksheets make masks a little more fun. Decorate your mask coloring page with markers, crayons, buttons or glittter! Help Leo the Lion and Freddy the Frog wear a mask. More mask coloring pages and worksheets can be found in our back to school section


1. Lego Trap- One way to make a leprechaun trap is with legos. Check out how to complete a lego trap at this page.

Yay for the 100th day of school!! Check out our stack of 100 big legos and 100 little legos, so much fun!!!

The Chinese New Year will start on January 25th! Let's celebrate the Spring Festival!

Practice writing and coloring the letter A. We have tons of fun mini books, worksheets, and coloring pages to choose from. 

Will you be dressing up as a monster or alien this Halloween?  I love these felt eye stickers from Michael's.  They are perfect for all my Halloween monsters that need creepy eyes!

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