St Patrick's Day coloring pages are perfect for your little ones. They are great for decorating at home or for a Kindergarten school party. Make 5 stations for your party.

Station 1- Make a Rainbow

String makes a great rainbow. Set out string, glue, scissors, and crayons for students. 

Station 2- Decorate a Clover

Add green lentils to a clover coloring page.  All you'll need for this station is glue, lentils, and a clover coloring page.

Station 3- Dot Painting

This table needs q-tips and green paint. Students will fill in the little circles with paint.

Station 4- Shamrock Cutting

Have students color and cut out the shamrocks. The shamrocks can then be used to decorate the classroom. 

Station 5- Color a Leprechaun

Grab all the green markers, colored penils, and crayons for this cute leprechaun coloring page. 

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