Free printable worksheets and activities for kids. Create custom worksheets to teach letters, colors, numbers, even cursive!

    • Trace the Barn Worksheet
    • Trace the Bee Worksheet
    • Curved Line Practice Worksheet
    • Trace the Ring Worksheet
    • I can trace and color stars! Worksheet

Number Worksheets
    • 2     2     2 Worksheet
    • 5 5 5 5  Worksheet
    • I glued 20 __________. Worksheet
    • I see three fish. Worksheet
    • I'm 4 years old! Worksheet
    • Ten Bears Worksheet
New Worksheets

We have a great selection of free butterfly coloring pages to print and color!  Coloring pages are a fun way to teach about the life cycle of a butterfly.  You only need a few supplies for this fun butterfly project…

Practice cutting straight and curved lines with our cutting pages. Check out these cutting worksheets and make a house, butterfly, or robot!  All you'll need is scissors, crayons, and construction paper. 

Personalize a birthday coloring page for someone special! We might not be having big parties, but we can still celebrate! Make a special birthday coloring page to send to a friend or relative. 

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