Q-tip painting is an inexpensive way to keep kids creating art all summer. The clean up is quick and easy, no need to wash paint brushes! All you need are a couple of Q-tips, some paint, and a dot printable (we have tons of those for free!). We started by making some grey paint...

Dot painting is great for fine motor skills, and you can also incorporate letter or number lessons...E is for Elephant.


Print a fish coloring page to create your own rainbow fish.  We had so much fun decorating our fish with markers, glitter, and aluminum foil.

Let's learn about creepy crawly insects!   Insects have 6 legs, 3 body parts, and 2 antennae.  Grab your crayons and choose an insect coloring page!

Colored sand and googly eyes make these reptiles extra cute. Slither on over to our reptile coloring pages to create your own scaly, bumpy, or smooth reptiles.

Arbor Day is April 26th. It's the perfect day to plant a tree (and color a tree too)! Check out our tree coloring pages, we have tons of great pictures to print.  

We had a little bit of spring fever today. We gathered some flower petals and grass from our garden. They made the perfect addition to some spring coloring pages!

Hop on over to our Easter coloring pages. Today we placed some coloring pages around our yard for an Easter egg hunt.


Welcome April! We added cotton balls and painted beans to our April Showers coloring page. April coloring pages are great for use in the classroom or at home!

It's time for touchdowns and field goals! Grab your crayons and check out our sports coloring pages. This page was colored by one of our super sporty friends, thank you super sporty friend!




Let it snow!  Snowflake coloring pages are perfect for a cold day!  We printed our snowflake coloring page on blue paper and used white glitter to make it sparkle. 

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