Math is fun! We used paint, a small roller, and a pencil eraser to paint our fractions.


Acorn coloring pages are great for Fall!  We had a blast decorating our acorn with dried beans.

Spider coloring pages are great for Halloween!  We decorated our spider with chenille sticks (aka pipe cleaners), pom poms, and googly eyes (8 of course)!  We found this great bag at Michael's for $4.99.  It had all the decorations for our spider, and enough stuff for tons of Halloween projects this season!


Print some pumpkin coloring pages and make your own goodie bags. We're filling these fun orange treat bags with crayons, markers, and personalized Halloween coloring pages.


Apples, pizza, carrots, and ice cream, YUM! Create your own mini book with your favorite foods.

We have some fun worksheets to help kids learn their address and phone number.  Personalize your worksheets by changing the font and text.

Coloring Pages are a fun way to teach about the life cycle of a butterfly.

A butterfly lays its egg on the underside of a leaf. We used buttons in shades of green and yellow for our leaf. We added a sparkly little pom pom for our egg.


When the egg hatches a caterpillar emerges. A caterpillar eats and eats! Try adding some real leaves to your coloring page. As soon as a caterpillar is done growing they form themselves into a pupa or chrysalis. A hole punch from Michael's ($2.39) created perfect circles for our caterpillars.


When the caterpillar is done changing and forming a butterfly emerges from the pupa. We purchased these 8 x10 foam glitter sticker sheets from Michael's ($7.99). Cutting small triangles develops fine motor skills.  Arranging the triangles fosters puzzle and logic development.


Thank you to my niece and her friends for sending me over some awesome coloring pages today! I love how Britain and Jackie jazzed up their purse coloring pages. The butterfly, peace sign, and a touch of glitter are just perfect! 

The color of the week is orange! Print some orange coloring pages and have fun with orange this week!  Grab your orange markers, crayons, and paint!


Food coloring pages are fun for Thanksgiving Day! Try creating your own restaurant menu.




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